Franz Gratl, Kronen Zeitung, 11.5.2015

The norwegian Hege Gustava Tjønn is a Marguerite who enthuses with her colourful, noble soprano and embodies ideal the complexity of a tragic female role.

Ursula Strohal, Tiroler Tageszeitung, 11.5.2015

Excellent casting: Hege Gustava Tjønn with her delightful timbre as radiant Marguerite, always close to the Text, who traces her development splendidly and sings a fulminant Finale.

Bradley Winterton in Saigon Times, January 28., 2014

Hege Gustava Tjonn dazzled as the wicked but plausible Queen of the Night

Michaela Schabel, 25.02.2011

Whoever experienced how graceful and subtle Gustava Tjønn used her voice, had no doubt that the gifted soprano has rightly earned the award for “Best Norwegian singer” (Queen Sonja International Music Competition in 1997). The very precise but bulky coloratura impressed the audience in the same manner, as it was charmed by her smile. We simply could not help but be shackled by the warmths of the depth and by the clear and resonant highs.

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